The cattery is located in Petrópolis, a city in the mountains, about 70km from Rio de Janeiro. Our cats live with us and enjoy a wonderful climate, exposed to the fresh mountain air and to the morning sun in their solarium. The average temperature in Petrópolis is about 20ºC, warmer in the summer and a little cooler in the winter. The kittens grow up strong and healthy, running, playing and interacting a lot with us.

CatPlace Cattery is not a company. It is the work of love, admiration and devotion to the cats we breed. It is a hobby of our family.

The cattery is registered with the Confederação de Felinos do Brasil (, which is affiliated to the World Cat Federation (WCF –, located in Germany, and with TICA (The International Cat Federation – U.S.A.) through the Allegro Cat Club. All of our cats have pedigrees and were genetically tested for PKD (all negative). They have also been tested for FIV and FELV. The results of their exams and their pedigrees are shown next to each cat in the section Our Cats.

The story of the cattery started in January 1996 with a couple of Persian cats. The happiness with the kittens took us to a cat show in 1999, where we saw a British Shorthair for the first time. The breed had just arrived in Brazil. We fell in love! We then decided to breed British Shorthair cats. The next year we purchased our first British Shorthair cats and the cattery was registered with FIFe Brazil. As we wanted a name that meant that our home is a place for cats, we chose CatPlace. In 2004 we added the breeds Scottish Fold and Highland Fold. Although Persian cats are not part of our main ‘cast’, we still keep three altered females: One silver shaded ladie: Julia (born in 2006).

Our goal is to help develop, upgrade and divulge the breeds: British Shorthair, British Longhair, Scottish Fold and Highland Fold in Brazil (as they are still little known), breeding kittens that are healthy, loving companions and excellent representatives of these breeds. The process of improving and upgrading the breeds takes place through the introduction of cats with new blood lines imported from the best catteries: Cancion de Cuña, Spain (thank you, Carmen and Vito, for our wonderful Guajira); Soleil Heureux, France (thank you, Gabriel, for our marvelous Passang); Silver Legend, Slovakia (thank you, Maja, for wonderful Ferrari); Maßcats, Germany (thank you Nicole for marvelous Sophie); Lavangi’s, Netherlands (thank you Linda for wonderful Kaylin) and Katareece, United States (thank you Ana Claudia for marvelous Dora) – all negative for FELV, FIV and PKD. As we breed for quality, not quantity, we have few litters a year.

All of our cats are vaccinated on a yearly basis against feline panleukopenia, calicivirus, rhinotracheitis, chlamydophila felis and rabies. Our kittens start their vaccination program between 8 and 10 weeks of age, following our veterinarian doctor’s recommendations.

As part of our breeding program, the menu of their meals includes super premium cat food and a variety of other foods that permits the following choices every day: beef, chicken or fish, all cooked; cream of milk and goat milk; high protein foods in pouches and cans. In addition to their mother’s milk, babies receive vitamin preparations and baby food from their early days to help them grow strong and healthy.

CatPlace Cattery does not offer stud service nor do we allow outside cats into our home to avoid any risk to the health of our cats.

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